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 Come and try out a Music Together® class to feel the joy and spirit that everyone involved experiences and talks about. The internationally acclaimed Music Together program is the winner of the prestigious Best Buzz Award in 2013. 


"It was largely because of Music Together that my daughter, adopted from China at 15 months of age and myself grew to know and trust each so easily those first few months together. We revealed ourselves joyfully and unabashedly each week through song, movement and the joy of sharing all that music brings to life. One year later, we still look forward to our special bonding time in class - it's the highlight of our week!"

Christine Friend

I have to share with you two wonderful things about music. When Leo gets very upset and starts to cry, all I have to do is start to sing and he is quiet. When we're in the car and he hears "Clap, clap, clap you hands", he actually claps and moves in his carseat. HE LOVES MUSIC! thanks for making it so easy for me to incorporate it into his daily routines.

Joy Weber

Camille has experienced Music Together from the very beginning, before she was born through classes I attended with her brother, Brian. Her first non-essential communication was through music. She would do the simple hand movements of "Open and Shut Them" to get me to sing the song to her. At 17 months, her favorite song from Music Together is "Trot Old Joe" or (or Tot ol' Joe)which she sings as she readies herself for sleep. She sings the "words" and does the actions by bouncing up and down and then swinging her head back as she sings "Whoa." It's so rewarding to witness the connection that she has to the music. It's a portable activity that we do as a family, whether in the car singing to the CD or our slightly out of tune chorus as we walk through the neighborhood.

Cori Fiddes

Music Together has turned out to be such a wonderful program for us. From very early on, our daughter expressed an interest in rhythm...bobbing her head to the stereo...or rocking and smiling at the strum of a guitar. This well organized, but very relaxed program to musical development has been a breath of fresh air.

Audrey Huntzinger